Nanjing, December 29 (Xinhua) - The Suning Suning Suning Chinese Swink Suning Suning Suning Group and Subsidiary of Suning International have inked an agreement with Hainan Tourism Investment Development Co. Ltd . For cooperation in China's free free retail business, Suning said.

Both parties will take advantage of their advantages to focus on logistics, commercial real estate, retail tourism and other fields to integrate various industrialists. Chains and help in the construction of Hainan's free trade port in Hainan province of South China, aggregate sets.

"Mounting the strong growth of the Hainan free trade zone, this strategic association has granted us a great opportunity to provide more prosperity to the area through the use of The Suning Global Supply Chain, "said Steven Zhang, vice president of Suning.

According to Suning International, domestic demand for tax-free products has incurred due to the global pandemic and Hainan has become a more attractive alternative to buy These goods amid the travel restrictions.

Suning's global business arm said it will deliver more goods abroad, such as cosmetics, home furniture and health products for consumers in Hainan and more there. Enditem


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