Haikou, March 18 (Xinhua): The Tropical Province of Southern Hainan from China will soon launch an air cargo route from Haikou-Paris to serve the transportation of international cargo of its Free trade port.

HNA Cargo Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of transport transport of the HNA group based in Hainan, signed the agreement on the regular service of the air cargo of the Wednesday in the provincial capital of Haikou with dynamics. Parcel Distribution (DPD), a subsidiary of Geopost SA, owned by the French company La Poste. Under the agreement, a Boeing 787-900 plane will make trips between Haikou and the French capital of Paris twice a week with the Doncelado flight scheduled for the 27th of March. The two companies have committed to deepen cooperation in the Intercontinental Air Cargo Service for tax-free and cross-border e-commerce logistics.

China launched a master plan for the Hainan Free Trade Port on June 1 last year, with the aim of building the province in a free trade port , influential globally influential, high level in the middle of the century. EndItem

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Image of Chinese rocket for space station mission transported to launch site
Chinese rocket for space station mission transported to launch site

Beijing, February 22 (Xinhua) - The long Y2 Rocket March-5B, which is to launch the central module of China's space station, was safely transported t

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