Sanya, April 8 (Xinhua): A project related to the placement of artificial marine reefs in Sanya, a tropical city in southern China, in an effort By restoring the marine ecology of the popular tourist destination.

The project was co-organized by the University of Hainan and the island of Sanya Wuzhizhou, one of the diving locations in China.

As of April, 870 artificial reefs are expected to be placed with a total volume of approximately 30,000 cubic meters at the sea ranch of the island, said Wang Aimin, Professor with the Ocean Science College of Hainan University, at the project launch ceremony.

Artificial reefs are used all over the world to improve the ecology ocean, creating additional habitats for local aquatic organisms and fish.

The Wang computer designs various types of reefs to guarantee your ornament. The information technology will be applied to the Marine Ranch data collection system.

By the end of 2020, 1,526 artificial reefs, 21 boat reefs and a group of volcanic rocks had been placed on the marine ranch of the island of Wuzhizhou, according to Wang.

"With the reefs, we have restored the marine ecosystem and the coral has been growing well," said Ding Feng, Vice President of the Island of Wuzhizhou Island Tourist Resort .

According to official data, the Life Coral Coverage Rate at the Marine Ranch of Wuzhizhou Island has increased from less than 15 percent in 2010 From 23 percent in 2021. The number of fish in the sea area has increased from two to three times during the period. Enditem

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