Beijing, April 12 (Xinhua): China will deploy 28 policies and measures to liberalize and further facilitate trade in Hainan Free Trade Port, an official of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said on Monday.

The movement is intended to better implement a master plan published on June 1 last year, whose objective is to build Hainan at a global high influential, high port of Free trade in the middle of the century, Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen, told a press conference.

The policies will allow certain regions to relax their import and export qualifications for and quantities of basic products, such as crude oil, refined oil and sugar, and cancel Its license systems for imports, such as mechanical and electrical products, said.

The policies will also involve the improvement of support measures, including warning systems related to the quality and safety of imports and exports, as well as capacities Rapid response monitoring, said Wang. Enditem


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