It is expected that the personal information of the deceased is being protected as part of an updated bill, Zang Tiewei, a spokesperson for the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the National Popular Congress, said the country's highest legislative, the Thursday.

The content related to the deceased has been added in the draft law on the protection of personal information, which will be presented to a session of the NPC Standing Committee for a second review next week, Zang said to a press conference.

No more details were granted about the protection of personal information from those who have died.

As for the bill, Zang said that he also highlighted the principle that those who handle personal information should fully inform the owners of that information and obtain their permission before picking up, storing or using it.

individuals or organizations "should not refuse to offer products or services, even if their consumers do not accept to provide personal information," add ed.

Meanwhile, the top Legislature will continue reviewing A bill on the prevention of food waste during its session, which is scheduled to open on Monday, according to Zang.

In addition, several are also expected that other bills, such as those of the promotion of rural vitalization, data security, hainan free trade port, supervisors and futures, too They are expected to be deliberate during the session, he added.

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