Tianzhou 2, a robotic cargo ship, disappears on a March 7, Carrier Rocket at the Wenchang Space Lanzer Centerin in Hainan, on May 29, 2021. [Photo / Xinhua]

Astronauts in the next mission Shenzhou XII It will be involved in Spacewalks outside the Tianhe central module of China Tiangong Space Station, a key figure was said in the nation's manned spacing.

Yang Liwei, the first Chinese in Space and now the deputy head planner of the Country Manned Space Program, told China Central Television on Sunday in Wencang, Hainan Province, who during his trip from Three months with Tianhe, two of the three-member crew, whose names have not yet been revealed, will come out of the central module to examine, maintain or repair equipment.

Spacecraft of Jiuquan's satellite launch center in Northwestern China to the dock with the Tianhe module currently unoccupied.

tianhe, the largest and the heaviest Spacecraft has made, WA to set in an orbit of the land down on April 29 for a long heavy lifting rocket of March 5, which was expelled At the WENCHANG Space launch center.

The members of the Shenzhou XII crew and the following three crewed SpaceFlights. Shenzhou XIII, XIV and XV, were selected from those in the first and second groups of astronauts, Yang said.

he added that Shenzhou XII crew is every man, but there will be a woman in each of the following three missions.

Shenzhou XIII is scheduled to fly to Tianhe in October, with three astronauts for a six-month mission within the central module. It is expected that Shenzhou XIV and XV take place in 2022, with each crew team that is staying in Space for half a year.

All astronauts In the next four spatial lashes are experiencing intensive training, Yang said.

The official said that Space Spaces will occur regularly, since Chinese astronauts should assemble the Tiangong station and examine and maintain colossal crafts. currently, only the astronauts in the mission of Shenzhou VII, launched in September 2008, made spatial walkways.


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