Haikou, June 14 (Xinhua): more than 500 species of plants have been recorded on the Xisha Islands in China, a recent campaign to put the name labels on the plants that they found out.

The name labeling project covers the plants in more than ten islands and reefs in the Xisha Islands, including the island of Jinqing, the island of Zhaoshu and the island From Ganquan, said the provincial housing department of Hainan and urban-rural development.

Since your establishment In 2012, the Government of Sansha has introduced a wide variety of high-value ornamental plants, which have significantly improved the local ecological. and life environment.

Chen Xiaojing, Department Deputy Director, said the name labeling project is of great importance for the scientific education of residents in the islands and can also help to promote the landscaping work of the city. EndItem

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China science, technology news summary April 11

Beijing, April 11 (Xinhua): The following is a summary of the published science and technology news from China. LONG-7 ROCKET The long Y5 Rocket

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