Beijing, July 19 (Xinhua): Students of Chinese providers and cities will return to their campuses during summer holidays this year, but not taking classes. This year, students will spend a fun summer at school as China's educational authorities strive to alleviate the burden of them.

This year's summer holidays began in mid-July. Many primary schools in Beijing, the province of Shandong of East China and the Hainan Province of the southern island opened to provide daycare services for students. The movement won the support of society, since it can not only alleviate the pressure on the students of competitive tutoring institutions, but also to the workers who have to take care of their children during the holidays.

Colorful summer on campus

Chu Rongqi, 9, I was reading a fairy tale in the Library of Beijing Elementary School in the Xicheng District of the capital on Monday morning.

"The daycare program is great. The activities are much more interesting than I expected," Chu said, and added that he had thought that the nursery program It was boring, and she might have to do homework. But instead, she participated in several activities, such as reading and jumping rope, while she made many new friends.

Beijing Elementary School offers daycare services for seven close students. Schools

In Beijing, each sub-district is required to open at least one school to provide such services so that students from one grade one will be called five in primary schools. The program began on Monday and is divided into two periods, each of which lasts 12 days. It will end on August 20.

It is required that participating schools open their learning facilities to students, including libraries and sports sites during summer holidays, and academic training and the group. Tutoría are not allowed, according to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

A relief for parents, students

Wang Min and your husband are the bank's staff in The city of Tai'an, the province of Shandong of East China, who raises a daughter who is in the fourth grade and a son in the kindergarten.

"Summer Summer Summer Vacation Summer Service is a great relief for us," Wang said. " In summer vacations before, the tutorial class outside campus is the only choice for my daughter with a registration of almost 3,000 yuan (around 463 US dollars) per month, and we had to look for Help from my parents in their 60 years to pick up my daughter and also her Li Tlet Brother in Kindergarten, "Wang added.

"At school, there are classmates and classmates, and my daughter is more self-disciplined with less use of electronic. Devices. Until now, 11 of those 48 students In my daughter's class they have registered for the care of the children, "said Wang.

" We just need to pay 480 yuan for the four weeks service, which is Affordable, "said Wang.

Thanks to the government subsidies, these schools charge lower for services than those commercial training institutions. For example, in Beijing the rate of daycare service during summer holidays is around 30 yuan per day per student. Schools also provide lunches with an additional charge of around 20 yuan.

Volunteer Participation

Teachers and students participated in the program voluntarily. Li Mingxin main Beijing primary school, said more than 100 teachers offered themselves as volunteers, but only 40 of them were necessary.

Chen Chenliang, a sports teacher at school, took the initiative to participate in the daycare.

Beijing,  Shandong, 

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