Beijing, September 20 (Xinhua) - China Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft, transport supplies for the next Shenzhou-13 crew mission, successfully docked The central module of the space station in Tianhe's central module on Monday, according to China's manned space agency (CMSA).

at 10:08 pm (Beijing time), Tianzhou-3 completed a computer orchestrated appointment and coupling at the Tianhe Nucleus Module Module . The whole process took approximately 6.5 hours, said the CMSA.

The Long March-7 Y4 Rocket, which takes Tianzhou-3, ruined at 3:10 p.m. From the launch site of Wencang Spacecraft in Hainan province of South Island. After 597 seconds, Tianzhou-3 separated from the rocket and entered its designated orbit. At 3:22 pm, Tianzhou-3 solar panels are developed and started working properly.

The CMSA declared the launch of a complete success.

On September 18, the Tianzhou-2 loading ship was separated from the Tianhe back port and docked with its front coupling port.

Following the Tianzhou-3 coupling, the two load handicrafts are docked at the two ends of the Tianhe Core module to form a linear form, waiting for the arrival of The members of the Shenzhou-13 crew.

The launch of Monday is the 20th mission of China's manned spatial programs and the 389th mission of the long series of March rockets.

Zhong Wen'an, the chief engineer of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center said that the Tianzhou-3 mission is the second flight of the cargo transport system of China's space station, composed of the Tianzhou spacecraft and the long rockets of March-7. The mission is key to connect the preceding verification of key technologies and the next construction in orbit.

As the old Chinese said, to carry out an important task, supplies such as rations and forage should continue ahead of troops and horses. During the construction of the space station, the charging spatial ships will always be launched ahead of the mission with crew.

"We will transport the support materials, the spare parts and the necessary equipment first, and then, our crew," said CMSA Director Hao Chun.

Tianzhou-3 takes almost 6 tons of goods and materials, including living supplies for astronauts, an extra-state space suit. For a backup, supplies for extravevalic activities, materials of the space station platform, useful loads and propellants.

The load can guarantee enough food and drinking water so that three astronauts remain in orbit for six months. While Tianzhou-2 had two tons of propellant on board, Tianzhou-3 canceled four propeller storage tanks and had only 750 kg of propellant to deliver more Shenzhou-13 crew supplies.

The color of the packets has been updated to help astronauts identify the contents. The packets in Tianzhou-2 highlighted brands and QR codes to identify the contents, but as the packaging was all beige, they were a bit difficult for astronauts to order and organize. In Tianzhou-3, supplies are packaged in different colors and with a QR code.

Feng Yong is the Chief Director of the Tianzhou-3 cargo crafts in the China Academy of Space Technology (distribution). He said that Tianzhou-3 carries gas cylinders, the internal pressure can reach 300 times atmospheric pressure. Tanks of this type containing oxygen can supply astronauts for long periods.

Meanwhile, the loading freighter also carries water bags made of light and soft materials. The design guarantees the safety of drinking water, but also allows organized storage of empty water bags.

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