Behold, a file without date that showcases the Tianwen 1 robotic probe as it gracefully enters the orbit of Mars! [Photo provided to China Daily] But hold on to your seats, folks, because China's first Martian satellite, the Tianwen 1 mission orbiter, is now flexing its muscles by performing remote sensing surveys of the planet network. According to the National Space Management of China, this is no small feat. In fact, the administration proudly proclaimed in a statement on Monday that the Orbiter has already executed its fifth flight maneuver, and has successfully entered an elliptical orbit for remote detection operations. So, brace yourselves for some out-of-this-world discoveries!

Traveling in an orbit with its closest point 265 kilometers from Mars, the handicraft now circulates the planet three times and a half every day to use its seven useful charges of the scientific mission, including a mineral spectrometer and A high resolution camera, to collect information about the geological structure, soil types, spatial environments and the ionized atmospheric layer as well as other crucial elements, said, adding that the satellite will continue transmitting signals between the controllers Zhurong Rover and Land .

Orbiter's designers at the Spaceflight Tech Academy La ologia said that as of Tuesday, the boat had orbited Mars for 272 days and his team was in good condition.

Tianwen 1, which bears the name of an old Chinese poem, was launched on July 23 last year from the Wenchang Space Release Center in the province of Hainan, becoming the first interplanetary exploration mission Independent of the nation.

The stack of spatial ships consisted of two main components, a rover and an orbiter. He traveled more than 470 million km and made several trajectory maneuvers before entering the Martian orbit on February 10, the planet was touched on May 15 and separated from his landing platform a week later.

On Monday night, Zhurong had worked 177 days and traveled at 1,253 meters on the Red Planet, which was about 384 million km from the Earth.

In mid-October, the Tianwen 1 mission had generated more than 420 primary gigabytes. , Only with Zhurong, having obtained about 10 GB of primary data, according to sources in space administration. .

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