haikou, January 6 (Xinhua) - Construction of 142 projects involving a total investment of 37.3 billion yuan (approximately 5.85 billion US dollars) began the Thursday at the Hainan Free Trade Port of Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/1935" target="_BLANK">China South China. .

Projects include 49 industrial projects, or 65 percent of the total, with a combined entry of 24.4 billion yuan.

A batch of the main scientific research projects were among the most outstanding aspects of the advertised industrial projects.

It is expected that an advanced technology platform and industrial innovation is expected to be built in Sanya de Hainan, helping to integrate technology centers that cover research on intelligent electromechanical equipment, detection of Marina, Synthetic opening radar (SAR) Micro-nano satellites and deep-water engineering.

China Shience Group plans to invest 1,000 million yuan in a wind energy team project in Yangpu's economic development zone from the province of Tropical Island. The comprehensive project will cover the fields of manufacturing high-end equipment, sea wind energy, marine grass and coat of sea water carbon. Within the framework of the project, a production line of offshore wind turbines is expected to reach an Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/1347" target="_BLANK">annual production value of approximately 5 billion yuan.

China launched a master plan on June 2020 to build the Hainan province of the island in a free commercial port of globally influential and high level in the middle of the century . Enditem

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