Haikou, January 19 (Xinhua) - With delicate coconut, sweet coconut juice and tender chicken meat, chicken hotpot Hainan Coconut has won a tasty reputation through China. Now he is giving steam to the main industries in the province of Hainan of the Tropical Island. A hainan coconut hotpot flour usually comes with a fresh hainan coconut, coconut juice, seasoning, ingredients like water chestnuts, and meat A type of chicken known as Wencang chicken, servants in Hainan Wencang city, a most famous place for their tender chicken meat.

As the traditional spring festival, the WEENCAN CHICKEN CO., Ltd. is approaching every day again more chickens and packets of coconut chicken hotpot usual. The company is located in the provincial capital of Haikou and Opera in Haikou and Wenckang.

Your slaughterhouse in Haikou is rolling at full speed in the middle of the night. Workers are busy sealing chickens and medium-prepared hotpot packages for restaurants and supermarkets in and out of Hainan.

Hainan produced around 110 million chickens of Wencang for a value of about 12 billion yuan (1.89 billion US dollars) last year. About 80 percent of the Wencang chickens were sold for HotPot HotPot Hot People Food.

Assemble in the popularity of Hainan Coconut Chicken Hotpots, the Tanniu company is testing the sweetness of success. In 2018, only 5 percent of its products are shipped outside Hainan. However, these days, the number has jumped at 30 percent, since the company expands its business throughout the country.

The chicken industry puts golden eggs

As companies like Tanniu come to your business, many Local chicken farmers in Wenchang are also harvesting benefits.

These companies usually work with farmers when giving them chickens, vaccines, fodder and chicken lifting techniques. As chickens grow, companies buy them.

Hu Qiumei is a resident of Luokedui Village in Wencang. He has become skilled in chicken breeding since working in association with a company in 2019.

Hu goes to the chicken shed to feed the chickens all The days after breakfast.

"In the past, the aging of individual hen was quite risky due to possible infectious diseases," he said. "And if market prices were not good, I would lose money."

But working with the companies proved to be a different story.

Last year, Hu collected more than 30,000 chickens when working with the Tanniu company, guaranteeing an attractive income of more than 100,000 yuan.

The Tanniu company sold more than 3 million Wencang chickens outside Hainan by 2021, 50 percent year after year, with sales revenues that reach the 140 million yuan.

Coconut business thrives

The coconut industry is also prosperous.

For Hainan Lyukang Siji Food Co., Ltd., sell coconuts and coconut juice for these HotPot meals brings in more than 1 million yuan in monthly income of sales.

"In the past, local farmers generally generally grew coconut trees. Around their homes," said Chen Huahui, who is in charge of the company. "Now, people are growing large-scale coconut trees."

Chen said coconut prices are raising as the assemblies increase.

"To guarantee coconut supplies, we are working with local farmers to build coconut plantation bases," Chen added.

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