The 24-year search for a woman for her kidnapped son finished in Wuhan, Province of Hubei, Sunday, when Li Fang, 52, met with Zhang Yangyang.

Li and Zhang, 28, embraced with enthusiasm and cried at the time they met at the Tianhe International Airport of Wuhan. A cheerful Zhang kissed his mother's forehead.

Li, Luohe, the Henan Police, was informed by the local police this month who had found a man who suspected was the son of her, and she went to the local police station. To offer a DNA sample.

On Saturday, the police told him the good news that the result of the test showed that the man was her son. On Sunday, Li ran to Wuhan, and Zhang flew there in Hainan province, where she is working.

Born in 1994, Zhang was kidnapped on June 6, 1998. He had been playing with a small girl. The door of a store where Li worked in Luohe, when a man, who told Zhang, he was the relative of her, took him to him.

Li had been looking for her son since then. Many people provided clues in the last 24 years, but none had jumped.

Li's husband at that moment and her family blamed her for the Kidnapping. The couple divorced a year after Zhang's Kidnapping.

Li started working as a barber to support herself. Every time she had free time, she went out to look for her son, which led her to visit many cities during her search.

"If I had given up looking for my son, nobody else would, my greatest hope was to find it," she said.

She received many phone calls from the scammers, some pretending to be Zhang so that they could get money from her. Some even called her "mom". Other scammers also got in touch with it, offering tracks in exchange for money.

At first, Li was so anxious to recover the son of her she paid some of them, but she stopped from her doing it after she became wiser.

Li was also a friend of a group of other people looking for their missing children, including Guo Gangtang, who found his son in June, 24 years after he disappeared, and Sun Haiyang, who the Last month is his son, who was kidnapped 14 years ago. Every time a child was found, the group would send congratulations to the family and would take all the opportunities to disseminate information about their missing children.

"We help each other as a family, whether we know each other before or not. It is difficult for others to feel our pain and suffer," she said.

raised by a couple in the punishment, Guangdong Province, Zhang said she argued with the couple, who told him they were the adoptiveness of her. The parents, about four years ago, when they encouraged him to look for a wife.

"They said that he was adopted, and at that time I thought it was a joke to push myself to get married," he said.

In December, the police when punishing was reviewing household records and discovered that there was no blood-type information for Zhang.

The police contacted Zhang to update the records of it. Through the course of the conversation, it was determined that he could have been adopted, as far as he climbed his information to a database used to equalize people who are missing with their families.

On January 17, the police in Luohe provided Zhang contact information to Li, who could not wait to meet her son disappeared from her and sent a message to Zhang. The two soon began to chat for video calls, which led to his meeting on Sunday.

L Li said she appreciated all the people who had helped her and grow that more children will meet with her parents, as she was with her's son.

By the end of 2020, the Ministry of Public Security launched a campaign called Meeting, which aimed to solve cases of children and Kidnapping trafficking. At the end of last year, 10,932 missing and kidnapped persons had been found.

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