Haikou, March 2 (Xinhua): With masks and monkeys, two skillful villagers skilled in coconut shells and machines used to cut them into circular and square parts.

Are residents of Yushu Village in the city of Wencang, in the province of Hainan of Tropical Island. In the first years, local people made them end, gathered planting vegetables such as peppers or working in large cities.

Thanks to the development of the growing coconut carving industry, villagers is not necessary to work outside their citizens for longer. Coconut processing has become a new way of making a living, providing job opportunities with beautiful benefits.

The change of the Yushu Village is an example of China's efforts to push rural vitalization.

China revealed its "No. 1 Central Document" by 2022 last week, asking for efforts to be made to develop trade industries and systems at the county level, That as well as encourage rural residents to get a job or start businesses at the local level.

of gamepads to coconut speakers

In the village of Yushu, the processed coconut shells They send factories that design and make coconut carvings. Zhang Bidi has one of the factories.

Zhang, 53, was born in the city of Qionghai in Hainan. When he was a child, the neighbor of him was a carpenter that was good at the carving of coconut.

"I developed a deep affection for coconut carvings when I was a child," he remembered him.

In 1991, after high school graduation, Zhang went to Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province of South China, and worked in a company Giving gamists. Zhang worked for years until 2010, when an idea suddenly crossed his mind.

"Out of nowhere, I had an idea of ​​making a blue-shaped teeth loudspeaker" said a coconut carving, "he said." It was shown that it is The best idea of ​​history ".

Zhang believed that the blue tooth speakers would be popular among the public, and continued to deepen the industry. < P style = "margin: 0px 3px 15px"> "Coconut shells have high density and have a high resonance, so I thought it would be a good business opportunity," he said.

In 2015, Zhang returned to his hometown and launched a coconut carving company with his wife.

Carving a bright future

Zhang said coconut sizes are a highlight of Hainan crafts and are intangible cultural heritage.

"The problem is that few pe rsonas know the coconut sizes and the scale of the industry is still small, "Zhang said.

To solve the problem, Zhang configured a research and development study for coconut. He carves in 2018.

"Teach 60 students each semester. They can learn coconut and design carving skills, as well as working as interns in my company", He said.

Chen Bolin, 20, graduated from college last year. She works in the Zhang company.

"I joined the company because I was attracted to the culture of coconut carving, and I want more people to know," Chen said.

Chen and the friends of her recorded a new company several months ago that assumes the design and marketing of coconut carvings.

Fu Yanzhen, 35, married her husband in the village of Yushu. She used to do some part-time jobs in the big cities away from home to reach the end of the month.

Thanks to the coconut carving industry, she does not need to leave home to

Guangdong,  Shenzhen, 

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