Beijing, April 11 (Xinhua): The following is a summary of the published science and technology news from China.


The long Y5 Rocket of China, which will launch the new cargo ship For the space station of the country, it came to the launch site in the southern province of Hainan on Monday.

The rocket, along with the Tianzhou-4 charging boat that has already been transported to the Wencang Spacecraft launch site, will meet and tested on the site of Launch, the Manned Space Agency of China announced.

Tang dynasty tombs

Three tombs Data of the Tang dynasty (618-907) He encountered recently in Shanxi province of North China, according to the Provincial Institute of Archeology.

Based on the shapes, features and styles of the tombs, archaeologists speculated that two of the three owners of tombs were husband and wife. The unearthed relics include potteries, lacquerware, ironware, stone tools, copper coins, silver ornaments, bone combs and tower-shaped pots.

sales nev

Sales of new energy vehicles (NEV) in China emerged in March, helping To the country's automotive market to accelerate its green transition, the data of an industry association showed on Monday.

Last month, NEV retail sales in China expand 137.6 percent year with year to 445,000 units, according to China's passenger cars (CPCA ). EndItem


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Image of Typhoon Ma-on lands in Guangdong
Typhoon Ma-on lands in Guangdong

A person captures images of huge waves in Dianbai, province of Guangdong, on Thursday. Typhoon Ma-on, the ninth typhoon this year, played land in Dian

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