Beijing, April 20 (Xinhua): For millennia, Chinese, academic and intellectual statesmen have discussed the main issue in the country's government, or the "question of the most fundamental importance To the country. "

The conclusions have varied from rituals, military matters to bring solid policies and talented officials. For President Xi Jinping, the answer is simple: happily alive for people.

During a tour of inspection of the southern province of Hainan last week, he visited the house of Wang Bohe, a villager of the Ethnic Group Li, and participated in the process Frying the tea leaf in his tea shop.

These home visits have occurred many times during XI domestic inspection tours.

In 2013, XI visited an ethnic minority town of Miao located in the mountains of the Hunan province. There, he entered the house of Shi Qiwen and asked about the food and crops of the house.

When I was young, Xi spent seven years at the Liangjiahehe of Shaanxi, a poor town at that time. After witnessing the difficulty of people's lives in the sterile mountains, XI resolved to become a public official and do something good for people.

"I am aware of people the greatest concerns, such as education, employment, income, social security, medical care, age security, The house and the environment, "said Xi. As the leader of the country, he urges officials at all levels to constantly maintain the interests and concerns of people constantly, and consider the benefit of people as the greatest achievement of it.

"is so busy with your work, but still takes time to see us. We are very grateful," said Wang Deli, a resident of a rural mountainous town in Guangxi, he said when he received Xi at his house in the spring. 2021.

"That's exactly what I'm busy," Xi replied. "Happy lives of people, which is the question of the most fundamental importance for the country." EndItem


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