haikou, May 25 (Xinhua) - In the last ten years, there have been great changes in the province of the tropical island of China of Hainan, which is now being developed in the largest free of the country free port of commerce. The transformation has left a strong impression on the people living in Hainan, including the Italians who have established themselves on the island.

Stefano Feder de Florencia established its fashion consultancy company in Haikou, the capital of Hainan in 2018, the year in which Hainan became a free trade zone and began exploring the construction of free trade ports.

Actually Stefano's deep link with Hainan goes back to many years ago. In 2006, while on a business trip in China, he took Hainan's family for a vacation.

"We enjoy that time, so we started going back every two years," he said, and pointed out that his family had a very amateur memory in Hainan.

"I have seen the transformation for 16 years," he recalled, mentioned that at that time the hotels in Yalong Bay were far away and few. But now the change is surprising as more and more hotels, resorts and vocation facilities have appeared in Haitan Bay.

He said that Haikou has also made great improvements in the last five or six years in terms of infrastructure, new shopping centers, entertainment and restaurants. "We can see the growth of the city very well."

For the construction of the free trade port, Stefano believes it is a great opportunity for foreign companies. / P>

He said that Hong Kong has been fundamental to help foreign companies to approach the Chinese market, and today Hainan has begun to play the same role thanks to the construction of the construction of the free trade port.

Nicola Zanella de Ravenna, Italy has been living in Hainan for about 12 years. Surfing since he was about 13 years old, he has been practicing the sport for more than 40 years, and now he is the main instructor of the National Surf team of Zhejiang.

When he first arrived at Hainan in 2010 with the World Surf League for an international competition held at Riyue Bay in Wanning, a coastal city in East Hainan, He fell in love with this beautiful tropical island.

"I really like surf conditions here in Hainan. It has a warm climate and the waves are really good," he said. "I found good job opportunities here, so I decided to stay."

In the last 12 years, Nicola has witnessed the great changes in Hainan, especially the development of its surf industry.

approximately 12 years ago, there were few surfers on the island, but now there are thousands, Nicola said, he added that he went from a small activity enjoyed by a very close group of friends to a commercial activity with hundreds of surf schools, national and regional teams and clubs and surf competitions.

Riyue Bay used to be a very small fishing community and now it is the epicenter of surfing in China, he continued.

Speaking of his hometown, Nicola said it is also a tourist area, the infrastructure has not changed for years. But in Hainan, "if you are not going somewhere for a few years, and then you return, you may not even recognize it, because it has changed a lot."

In his eyes, the construction of the port of free trade will bring not only more tourists but also more entrepreneurs who want to establish businesses in Hainan. "Surely it will bring benefits to the economy of Hainan Island and the country," she said.

Daniele Vacca, the owner and head of an Italian


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