Beijing, June 20 (Xinhua) - The next is a summary of the published news of Science and Technology of China.

new load Saturday, the Chinese aviation industry corporation (AVIC) announced.

The freighter made an inaugural flight of 27 minutes and was done without problems throughout the flight, said the avic.

developed by the Avic First Aircraft Institute, the TP500 is the first large non -manned loading of the country produced under the requirements of regulation of Chinese civil aviation, said the Avic .

Coating for the spaceship

style = "margin: 0px 3px 15px"> Chinese scientists have developed a thermal control coating based on thermal control based on thermal control Metal for the manned spacecraft Shenzhou-14 that will protect the extreme and cold taikonauts during their six-month stay in orbit.

The new coating works in two ways: provide low solar absorption to help reduce the effect of the sun on the spacecraft interior temperature; and provide low infrared emission to block heat release from internal sources.

coastal singing sand From the tropical island of Hainan, the first time the strange auditory phenomenon on the country's coast is identified.

According to the Northwest Institute of Ecoambiente and Resources under the Academy of Sciences of China, the discovery of singing sands on Hainan marks the first time that an area of ​​Costa China He has shown the phenomenon and improves the tourist potential of the province.



Its study shows that the surface of coastal sands has typical V -shaped craters formed by submarine mechanical engraving and The deep dissolution craters formed by chemical engraving. ENITEM


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