Beijing, June 21 (Xinhua)-as the June 18 purchasing festival has come to an end, Chinese consumers have triggered a boom in consumption of half year.

During the festival, the total number of orders made on, China's electronic commerce giant, reached a record of 379.3 billion yuan (around of 56.7 billion US dollars). P>

The total live broadcast hours on the Douyin electronic commerce platform, the Chinese version of Tiktok, reached 40.45 million hours, which helped sales of its online shopping center 514 percent of 514 percent year after year.

"In the first week of the Juerga, the orders of our online store on the Pinduoduo electronic commerce platform increased approximately three times compared to the same period In April and May, "said Zhang Man, a member of the Chinese sportswear producer XTEP.

According to Pinduodu event.

Point some medium -sized children -the size companies that face the pressure of the cost increase, Multiple electronic commerce platforms launched a series of support policies during the shopping spree. provided companies with a variety of financial services, including deferred reimbursement, as well as the reduction or exemption of interests and rates.

Douyin invested 2.5 billion yuan in subsidies to support businesses affected by businesses affected by businesses affected by businesses affected by COVID-19 epidemic. Pinduoduo rescued some companies through logistics subsidies and other measures.

Those platforms also benefited consumers during the event. issued almost one billion yuan in coupons in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Changsha and other cities.

In addition to electronic commerce platforms, local authorities, throughout the country they have also adopted similar policies to further promote consumption.

From May to August, the southern Metropolis of Shenzhen will offer consumers who buy eligible appliances subsidies eligible 15 percent of the sale price. Each consumer can receive a subsidy of up to 2,000 yuan in total.

Provinces with abundant tourist resources, including Sichuan, Hainan and Fujian, have been taking measures such as the issue of subsidies and coupons to boost consumption.

"I found that buying during the festival was in fact a good business," said a Beijing resident, Surnoed Hu. "I am used to online purchases now. And there is still a great need and desire for consumption, although the epidemic has had a certain impact." Annual promotion events provide convenient online consumption scenarios and an efficient purchase experience for consumers, promoting more online platforms and business companies and off -line services to participate in you, "said Ren Xingzhou, former director of the Institute Market Economics Research, the Development Research Center of the Development Research Center of the State Council. of consumption at the same time that improved their quality, "Ren.

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