Beijing, July 12 (Xinhua) - With the arrival of summer, the expense of China consumers has gradually heated, recovering the vitality on the back of the political stimulus, a Trend that is expected to continue both the rebounds of economic growth.

The industrial data revealed on Monday shows that car sales in the country expanded 23.8 percent year after year in June, recovering from a three -month run in slope. For market observers, the increase reflects a broader rebirth in the retail sector.

Despite an optimistic start this year, retailers of the second largest economy in the world have been carried out since March, with COVID-19 outbreaks that interrupt the Normal commercial activities and the abolration footprint in diners and shopping centers.

The recovery curve came in May, when the country the country retailers of consumer goods, an important indicator of the growth of consumption, recorded a decrease of 6.7 percent year after year, reducing the contraction of 11.1 percent in April.

Guan Lixin, a researcher at the International Academy and Economic Cooperation of the Chinese, attributed the rebound to the concerted efforts of both the Government and the companies, and He says that the accumulated demand has been unleashed as support policies have been delivered, companies reopened and the feeling of consumers increased.

To stimulate consumer expense, China has introduced a series of policies, attracting consumers to open their wallets and help companies survive and prosper .

Restaurant owners, retailers and other companies susceptible to COVID-19 have been offered lower rentals and platform commissions, as well as greater financial support. In a movement to further relieve tension in companies, the country's state council decided in May to expand reimbursements and tax reductions to 2.64 billion yuan (around 392.3 billion US dollars) this year.

At the local level, governments are delivering billions of yuanes in coupons and subsidies to prop up local spending. The central city of Zhengzhou, for example, has announced a massive coupons worth 240 million yuan from the end of May to August.

"Purchasing coupons have offered a strong boost to our sales," said Song Huasong, regional president of Lotus supermarkets in the province of Hunan in the center of center of China, noting that online sales have expanded more than 200 percent since June.

According to experts, the new expense trends that arise from the market of the murmured epidemic are also worthy of attention. They indicate an increase in consumption related to well -being, services and technology.

Bruno Chevot, president of Danone Greater China, North Asia and Oceania, said that the company Will Will take advantage of these new market opportunities and plans to implement more green and organic foods In this year's consumer expo in Hainan.

Chevot said that Danone remains optimistic about the great potential of the China market, which is not only great, but also continues to diversify.

According to Guan, new consumption trends and new commercial formats are becoming new growth conductors in the consumer market, which reflects great potential, the strong resistance and sound foundations that support the market in China.

China's economic prospects depend on the development of its consumption market. In recent years, the country has issued several documents aimed at eliminating bottlenecks and improving weak links that limit consumption, since it pursues a new development paradigm with consumption playing a larger part.

Consumption will boost the economic cycle and growth growth, Guan said, waiting for the country to be


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