Beijing, July 14 (Xinhua) - An international agricultural breeding center will be built in the tropical province of southern China in Hainan, with the aim of facing the global challenge of change Climate and guarantee safety food, according to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of China (CAAS).

El Caaas, the International Institute for Research of RICE and the International Center for Corn and Wheat Improvement signed a cooperation letter on Thursday to establish the reproduction center in A Science and Technology Park in the city of Sanya, province of Hainan.

Wu Kongming, president of CAAS, said that international cooperation will be conducive to the exploration and use of germplasm resources of research organizations, research Biological breeding, technical training and innovation of the global seed industry.

Through the use of the Port Free Trade Policy of Hainan A in the advantages of Sanya in agricultural breeding, the International Reproduction Center will integrate the resources of reproduction research , will create a new reproduction system and promote the innovation of scientific research, to contribute to the sustainable development of the economy, society and ecology, according to CAAS. .

A key laboratory for the edition, innovation and use of genes was also launched on Thursday in the Science and Technology Park by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


The laboratory will gather the advantages of Editing Genes del Caas, will develop a gene editing system with independent intellectual property rights of China, will cultivate new varieties of crops and build a new industrial chain. It will also improve the original innovation capacity of the biological seed industry and will provide a solid guarantee for the national seed industry and food security, said CAAS. ENITEM

Beijing,  Tianjin, 

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