Sanya, August 8 (Xinhua) -sanya, a coastal complex city in the province of Hainan in southern China, moves quickly to stop its last COVID-19 outbreak with doctors, first -line workers. and more than 4,000 volunteers who join the fight.

From August 1 to 7, Sanya registered 801 COVID-19 cases and 409 asymptomatic infections, said the Provincial Health Commission on Monday.

A working group was established to solve the problems faced by tourists of more than 80,000 stranded of the city, such as travel reimbursements. The city has also ordered hotels to offer 50 percent discounts for stranded guests.

Doctors are working 24 hours at the nucleic acid testing sites throughout the city. Wei Dixia, a main nurse at the Popular Hospital of Sanya, said the test site at her hospital opens 24 hours a day and shows about 4,000 people per day.

The detection process has become more efficient, with results now issued six to eight hours after the tests, Wei said.

A total of 33 hotels with more than 6,900 rooms have been designated as isolation sites for near and sub-crowded contacts of COVID-19 cases, according to Ji Duanrong , General secretary of the municipal government of Sanya.

On Saturday he designated 168 designated areas 168 areas as high risk for COVID-19 and 67 as a means of risk. The city has also established a working group to guarantee food supplies and needs for residents living under closed administration, JI said.

A team sent by the joint prevention of the State Council and the Covid-19 control mechanism has reached Hainan to work together with the municipal and provincial authorities to stop The resurgence. ENITEM

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