haikou, August 12 (Xinhua)-from noon on Friday, the province of Hainan of southern China has registered 2,814 COVID-19 cases confirmed and 2,340 asymptomatic cases since The current province of the Province of the Province of the Province of the Province of the Province of the Province of the Province on August 1, local authorities said at a press conference on Friday.

A total of 13 cities and counties in Hainan have reported Covid-19 infections in the middle of the last outbreak of outbreak, and the COVID-19 situation in the coastal city of Sanya de Hainan continues to develop rapidly, according to the Covid-19 Provincial Prevention and Control Headquarters. On Friday, more than 8,990 beds had been placed in the temporary hospitals of the province. Four COVID-19 patients have been discharged from the hospital after recovery in Hainan.

Wednesday, 1,605 tourists left Sanya by plane, and on Thursday, 40 flights were organized to transport tourists stranded in Sanya and Haikou, the provincial capital. ENITEM

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