The photo taken on July 31, 2022 shows that Hatma Enel . [Photo/Xinhua]

The Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur has suspended group routes to medium or high risk areas, and is working to ensure accommodation for travelers stranded due to the recent resurgence of COVID-19 infections in the region. P of popular tourism. << /p>

The office said that since August 2, 15 five -star attractions, the highest classification for domestic scenic places, have evacuated 92,000 travelers and that a direct 24 -hour service line is available for Help travelers solve their problems.

Yan Naimin, deputy director of the office, said at a press conference on Saturday that hotels, household houses and travel agencies in the region must return payments to travelers who wish to cancel due due to the epidemic, without imposing any conditions.

He said that travelers stranded in areas suffering outbreaks, such as Turpan and Kashgar, can remain at half price. Officials and volunteers in the areas will visit travelers with fruit and memories gifts to relieve any anxiety, he added. Tourism, which suspended the group tours to 20 counties and districts in the eight cities currently at medium or high risk: among them, Nilka County in Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture.

Under the latest adjustments, travel agencies and online trips, service platforms must suspend the reserve of flights and hotels for group tours to the affected areas until they have been released at risk.

projected to experience a summer travel boom by industry insolers, Xinjiang has experienced a decrease after July 30 outbreaks.

Tuniu's figures, an online travel agency, show that flight reserves to the region during the week of August 8 until Sunday, fell 26 percent from the previous week.

The agency and said that trips to Xinjiang, as well as other long -distance destinations such as the province of Hainan and the Autonomous Region of Tibet that have also experienced outbreaks, have decreased on average by a 20 one hundred in the 10 days from August 1 to August 10. P>

at midnight on Saturday, Xinjiang had reported five confirmed cases and 2,034 asymptomatic cases, and now has 150 areas classified as high risk and 106 areas as average risk, according to the region's health commission.


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