A person captures images of huge waves in Dianbai, province of Guangdong, on Thursday. Typhoon Ma-on, the ninth typhoon this year, played land in Dianbai on Thursday morning. [Photo/Nanfang Daily]

Storm interrupts traffic, leaves the areas of the southern floods as warned warning of Dianbai of Guangdongdongdong de Guangdong Province on Thursday morning, bringing heavy rains, especially in the west of the province.

ma-on touched land with bandaves of around 119 kilometers per hour. After his land, the typhoon moved to the northwest at a speed of approximately 25 km/h, passing through the city of Maoming in Guangdong. The typhoon entered the autonomous region of Guangxi Zhuang on Thursday afternoon, with winds decreasing.

affected by the typhoon, it is expected that southern Guangxi and the western province of Yunnan have high risks of geological disasters, the Ministry of Natural Resources said.

before land, the ministry activated an emergency response of level IV, the least severe in a four -level system, for possible geological disasters triggered by the Typhoon.

cities in Guangdong, especially those along the eastern and western coastal areas and the Delta region of the Pearl River, all issued emergency alerts for floods.

Several sections of the highways in the cities of Maoming and the nearby Yangjiang and Zhanjiang in Guangdong were closed, according to the local authorities of the Transit Police.

The flood control authorities and drought help in Guangdong have sent three working groups to the cities of Maoming and Zhanjiang to guide flood control work, with various materials that include reinforcing cement frames and sandbags that are already placed in advance in the western areas of Guangdong.

A total of 162 deposits that exceed their designated water levels during the flood season had been verified in the province, according to the Guangdong Water Resources Department.

China's weather administration said that the Typhoon Ma-on arrived at the Bobai County of Guangxi at 3 pm on Thursday after it decreased to a severe tropical storm.

rail services that link Guangzhou to the north and southwest China, as well as Shenzhen to the eastern parts of the country, resumed on Thursday morning, while the typhoon decreased in the Delta del Río del Río del Río Pearl, according to Guangzhou Railway Group.

input and exit services in the port of Hengqin in the city of Zhuhai, which neighbor Macao, also resumed after the typhoon passed. In the port of Zhuhai also resumed on Thursday afternoon, according to the local traffic police authority.

Urban Haikou saw more than 150 millimeters of rain on Thursday due to the typhoon, which left part of the provincial capital of Hainan.

Ten flights at Haikou airport and two more at Sanya airport in Hainan province were canceled on Thursday.

before, Ferry services in the Qiongzhou Strait and operations in three ports in Haikou were suspended from 8 pm at 8 Wednesday.

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