Chefs show cheese and ham in Italy at the second expo of China International Consumer Products in Haikou, Hainan Province on July 27. Guo Cheng/Xinhua

haikou-stefano Feder, who comes from Florence, is busy inviting Italian companies to participate in the third exhibition of China international consumer products next year.

"We need to prepare a year in advance to interact with Italian companies and invite them to participate in the exhibition," said Fedi, who currently works in Italy as coordinator in the Italian pavilion. He will return to Hainan at the end of September.

The second expo of International Consumer Products of China, which was held from July 25 to 30 this year in Haikou, capital of the province of Hainan, attracted some 1,600 international brands, including 70 from Italy that deals with food, wine, jewelry, clothing and yachts. Year, "he said. Pilot trade and began to build a free trade port. "We really enjoyed our time, so we begin to return every two years," he said, and pointed out that his family has good memories of the island.

The favorable business environment caused by the deepening reform of deepening And the opening has increased the attractiveness of Hainan for work and qualified investment, and foreigners have moved to the island to invest or start business.

"The construction of the port of free trade is a great Opportunity for foreign companies, "Fedi said, and added He Gó that Hainan is beginning to play a vital role to help them interact with the Chinese market.

He established his company in the Industrial Internet Park Fullsing, also known as Fullsing Town, a key industrial park in Hainan, which houses an international base of innovation and entrepreneurship on the high seas. Fedi felt that he offered a good location and a friendly business environment.

She has frequently traveled for work in China, especially Shanghai, to know Italian brands based in the Metropolis.

The Hainan Free Port will be completed in 2025 and Fedi believes that a new era will begin, giving Hainan an important role in Southeast Asia as a free trade port, logistics center, shopping destination and shopping and International Tourism Place.

"As a strategy consultant, I have discovered that there are many potential commercial opportunities in Hainan. I consider myself a bridge between Italy and China for companies without the opportunity to come directly to China," he said. >

He plans to divide his life between Hainan and Italy. "I have many things to promote in Hainan in the next ten years. So it's exciting," she said.


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