A photo taken on June 14, 2020 shows fishing boats docked at a port on the island of hailstorm in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province. [Photo / Xinhua]

Beijing - Nuri, the second Typhoon this year, landed in Guangdong province, southern China on Sunday morning, the Meteorological Center National (NMC) reported

Nuri landed on Hailing Island. in the city of Yangjiang around 8:50 am, becoming the first Typhoon to make landfall in China this year, said the NMC.

Guangdong Weather Service, said Nuri landed as a tropical storm, the winds of 82.8 kilometers per hour packing near its center. It is expected to track west and degrade into a depression.

The NMC has renewed the alert for Typhoons blue and yellow alert for rainstorms. Strong winds are expected in some parts of the Sea of ​​Southern China and Guangdong and rainstorms in parts of Hainan and Guangdong and Guangxi on Sunday to Monday.

Meteorological authorities have advised ships to return to port and warned against geological disasters and flooding in these regions.

Guangdong authorities have raised the local emergency response to level III.

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