Several ministerial departments, including those responsible for industry and information technology, transportation and tax administration have recently responded to issues of public interest.

campaign to make safer storage of civil explosives

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will launch a campaign to make the storage of explosives for civilian use more safe.

The campaign is part of efforts to strengthen the security of storage of hazardous chemicals in the wake of the deadly explosion in Beirut on Aug 4.

the authorities at all levels to monitor the industry and the companies that make explosives must perform their duties strictly comply with laws, regulations and industry standards using civil explosives and follow improving long-term mechanisms to ensure safety at work, the ministry said on Aug 10.

should be done immediately comprehensive inspections of stored explosives and flammable semifinished products and raw materials, he said.

It should strengthen inspection and management of the sale of ammonium nitrate, and ensure that only sold to companies that make civil use explosives, medicines and coolant, and educational and research institutes , as prescribed by the State Council, according to the ministry.

It was said that the authorities should impose severe penalties for companies and individuals who violate related laws.

Alert floods and typhoons risk operations cruise

The authorities must take scientific, reasonable and great measures available to ensure the safety of travel for ships cruise during the flood season and typhoons, the transport ministry said.

In a notice issued to the transport authorities of Hubei and the provinces of Hainan and Chongqing, the Administration of the Changjiang River navigation issues and Administration Hainan Maritime Safety, the ministry said authorities They should attach great importance to flooding and typhoons impact they may have on cruise operations.

You should make plans sound to meet COVID-19 and the caution to allow the resumption of operations of cruise ships after the approval of the authorities to control and prevent local pandemic , the ministry said on Wednesday.

Transport authorities should also strengthen cooperation with local emergency response, water resources, health departments and tourism, he said.

must remain vigilant and improve inspections for boats to cruise sure to carry out their duties in preventing totally diseases, the ministry said, adding that the cruise should cover its occupancy rate at no more of 70 percent.

The ministry said the authorities should follow the time closely, issue timely warnings of possible floods and typhoons and restrict output in the face of such extreme weather events.

895.3b yuan of export tax refund processed before July

tax authorities across the country processed 895.3 billion yuan ($ 129 billion) tax refund export th e first seven months of the year, an official from the State Administration of taxation said.

The average time for the sales process has been reduced to no more than eight working days from 10 working days last year, Xie Wen, head of the Department tax on goods and services administration, at a press conference on Thursday.

prompt treatment of rebates had helped ease the financial pressure on exporters and contributed to efforts to maintain stable foreign trade, he said.

tax authorities had raised the rate of export tax rebate of 1,464 products from 20 March, with up to 25,000 exporters benefit from the move by the end of June, Xie said.

The authorities have been working to further improve the processing of tax returns by promoting measures paperless and online processing and others he said.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities have allowed all exporters to apply for tax refund online, Xie said.

The authorities have invested a normal procedures d processing refund applications for businesses in urgent need before performing field tests, he said.

Chongqing,  Hangzhou, 

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