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Beijing - Authorities have banned 219 people duty-free goods purchase in Hainan Province, south China for three years, the General Administration of Customs said on Thursday < p> Among the forbidden. individuals, 28 received punishment because they leave the island with duty-free goods, according to the rules, while the rest were involved in selling duty-free goods for profit.

from 1 July Hainan has increased its annual quota for duty-free purchases of 30,000 yuan (about $ 4,411.76) to 100,000 yuan per person. Categories of duty free products have also expanded from 38 to 45, with products such as mobile phones and portable computers added to the list.

It was found that some people have taken undue advantage of the new policy of speculation, the administration said, adding that Customs will continue to strengthen supervision and crack down on violations of market.


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Image of Think tank network established to advance RCEP process
Think tank network established to advance RCEP process

haikou, September 23 (Xinhua): a group of group of experts in the province of Hainan of southern China was established on Friday to advance in the pr

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