Just because most of us can not travel abroad at this time, it does not mean that I can not try the exotic here in China. A vast country that contains many different climates and cultures, China is home to a large number of destinations that have an amazing similarity with other parts of the world. As we expect the world to return to normal, here are seven Chinese destinations where you can pretend to be abroad.

Suzhou crosses the channels in the East Venice

Where else could we start , but the place Marco Polo was once nicknamed "the East Venice". When the Italian explorer visited in the thirteenth century, he was impressed by an intricate network of channels, navigable tracks and bridges that reminded him so much the city of the birth of him. Much could have changed in China in the last centuries since then, but if Polo visited Suzhou today, he would still find many of the same views.

The most famous of the various water cities in Suzhou is Zhouzhang, where many buildings go back to Dynasties Ming and Qing. But visitors are also recommended to review Tongli and its surroundings by five lakes and seven islands, and Luzhi, known for their Ginkgo trees and artistic residents.

xishuangbanna Enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of Chiang Mai

With fast-paced races and even fastest rhythm social lives, expatriates can often be difficult to relax in China. You may think you need to travel to a Sleepy Backpacking City in Southeast Asia to get your detoxification solution, but in fact, you can find it here on the continent. Deep, in southern Yunnan, it is the fascinating city of Xishhuangbanna.

Located between Laos and Myanmar, the city exhibits strong influences from its neighbors. Return to nature in the wild elephant valley, where hundreds of wild Asian elephants, roam, or head to the Vigor Park and visit the beautiful Sacred Sanctuaries. Finally, be sure to make at least one trip to the Gaozhuang night market to try the delicious regional sandwiches, including Nanmi, a Dai and Buoluofan style tomato sauce, a fragrant pineapple rice.

Sanya relaxes on Cebu style beaches < P> You can find yourself longing at the Cebu beaches in the Philippines when you are stuck in a Chinese city, but do not worry. You do not have to leave the country to enjoy a place of sun and surf. The tropical island of Southern Hainan is home to the best beaches in China.

There are a lot of places to see it in this destination focused on the resort. Adjacent to the city center is Sanya Bay, which stretches for 20 kilometers and is backed by many luxury hotels. Go east of the city to find the stunning Yalong Bay, known for its famous clear water. Alternatively, stay near the center of the city of Dadonghai, a flat beach that is ideal for young families and has many food and beverage options. For something a little more boho, try Riyue Bay or Houhai, both popular surfing places. After a week in the sun in Sanya, you will forget everything about Cebu.

Harbin Explore a country of winter wonders reminiscent of Moscow

if the sun and sand are not for you, exchanging them by ice and frozen temperatures in the winter itself Heilongjiang wonderful world. Each year, artists in this northern city create the most surprisingly elaborate ice sculptures that attract tourists from all over the country and, in previous realities, the world.

The International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival of Harbin, which usually extends from the beginning of January until the end of February, is the largest festival of its kind in the world. Visitors can marvel at impressive sculptures of everything, from popular cartoon characters, to giant Buddhas and whole palaces. Like you WR.

Heilongji,  Heilongjiang, 

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