HAIKOU, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) - A frequent visitor to the island province of Hainan, Huang Zuolin has recently had his first paragliding experience. "It feels fantastic," said the 23-year-old from Hunan Province, central China

. "I felt like a bird flying overhead, and photos taken in the air were very good," said the girl. "During the eight minutes I spent paraglider, who had a bird's view of sea, forests and farmland, and I was very relaxed there," he said. "I also tried to turn in the air with the help of the coach was exciting.".

The airfield Hongjiaoling, located in the coastal county of Lingshui, was between the fifth group of airfields appointed by the Federation Aero Sports China

. Co-owner Shengda Cui, 38, is a native of northwest China's Shaanxi province. Enthusiastic about the potential of low altitude routes to fly, he moved to Lingshui another base camp in Hainan in April last year

. "The takeoff site .. Hongjiaoling it is 360 meters above the level of the sea Here you can have a panoramic view of the 12 km of coastline the magnificent scenery of the view of the setting sun and the sea is awesome, "said

After more than a year of operations, the field of aviation Hongjiaoling has gained popularity. "The number of visitors has been climbing over the past two months," Cui said. "The price for a paragliding experience is 880 yuan (about $ 129) per person and can currently provide about 2,000 to 3,000 visitors each month."

Although still novel in China, low-altitude tourism flight has been popular in the United States, Australia and other countries for decades

. "Airspace at low altitude has gradually developed in China in recent years, along with the development of economy, society and the demand for tourism products tailored" said Chai Yong, executive director of the School of Management of the University Sanya

Hainan is building an area of ​​national demonstration sports tourism, development of international products of sports tourism and exploring new points growth for consumption sports tourism

Chen Shihong, director of the office of tourism, culture, radio, television and spor Lingshui ts, according to the weather and the unique natural conditions of Hainan, along with supportive policies, have provided sound growth potential for the outdoor sports

. low-altitude tourism, including tourism helicopters, paragliding, parachuting and ballooning experience, is experiencing rapid growth .

"Hainan is in the leading position in China in terms of low altitude routes, travel and flight hours, and is gradually growing its brand influence in the area," said Chai . End


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China's Hainan reports 2,814 confirmed COVID-19 cases in latest resurgence

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