The buildings are surrounded by trees in the province of Hainan Tropical Forest National Park Hainan. [Photo / Xinhua]

Premier Li Keqiang has called on the newly formed South-to-North Water Diversion Group Co Ltd intensify reform and Innovation and help ensure the safety of water and protection ecology in a statement published on Friday.

Li said the formation of the group water diversion, a company wholly owned by the State with a capital of 150 billion yuan ($ 22.49 billion), is an important measure to strengthen management of South-to-North water Diversion Project, improve your engineering system and optimize the allocation of water resources in China.

It urged the group to promote the construction of follow-up projects in a scientific, concrete and orderly manner, raise their level of management and support economic growth and improving the lives of people.

at a conference marks the formation of the group in Beijing, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua encouraged the group to better facilitate the implementation of key national strategies a nd ensure the safety of operations of the diversion project sustained water. Important

This is to ensure the safety of the project, the quality of water and safety of the water supply, he said, adding that the group should provide proactive support for the use of water for ecological restoration, flood prevention and drought relief.

Hu also stressed the need for the company to focus on its core business portfolios and accelerate the establishment of a modern corporate system.

Jiang Xuguang, deputy minister of water resources, serves as the legal representative of the new society.

China began construction of the South-to-North Water Diversion of the project, which transfers water from the Yangtze River and its tributaries to irrigate the arid regions in the north-in 2002 by route East of the project and in 2003 by its central route. The western route is still in pre-construction phase.

The central route began supplying water to northern China, including Beijing, in 2014, while the eastern route became operational in 2013.

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