PEKIN -. China has succeeded in performing the first integrated typhoons observation based on unmanned aerial vehicle large (UAV), according to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA)

The observation based typhoons air vehicles not manned took place on August 2 during typhoon Sinlaku, the third typhoon of this year, sweeping the coastal waters of Hainan province, south China, said the CMA.

integrated observing

China independently developed wing-Loong 10 UAV carries out this mission. During the flight, the UAV was reduced from 30 probes, which conducted a sweep stereoscopic system external clouds with the millimeter-wave radar.

Next, the control center ground receive real time data on system outside clouds conditions, including temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, direction of the wind speed the wind, hydrometeors, etc. .

It marked the first successful Chinese navy and integrated Typhoon observation by a large UAV, also filling in a blank country had in this field, according to the CMA.

Before this mission, the test team has conducted four tests on various meteorological observation environments, with different load carried by the UAV.

professionals also use multiple means of detection, such as meteorological satellite Fengyun and unmanned boat, to realize stereoscopic observation.

several results showed NWP forecasts typhoons can be improved by using observation data radiosondes aircraft.

Qian Chuanhai, an official of the CMA, said that although China has improved its ability to typhoons forecast in recent years, the lack of observational data offshore limited research on the mechanisms of generation typhoons, and improving forecasting techniques.

marine and typhoons integrated observing provides a reference for locating the center of the typhoon Sinlaku, and is of great importance for improving the accuracy of forecasts of typhoons in China, which is key to preventing meteorological disasters and reduction, Qian said.

China-developed large UAV

according to Li Liangxu, director of the Center for Observation Meteorological under the CMA, will further enhance the technical system by conducting large-scale UAVs full observation chain and services detection typhoons.

In 2018 the CMA started the project of large marine observation based on UAV and UAV using the integrated Typhoon Wing Loong-10, which was developed by the State Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

To qualify for the observation of typhoons, the development team of UAVs made improvements adaptive and many tests, according to Zhang Zhijian, deputy designer of the project Loong ala-10 AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Loong-10 wing is a family member of the wing Loong UAV developed in China with independent intellectual property rights.

In June, the AVIC announced that the Loong-1, ala the other member of the family of the Loong wing, had successfully passed a series of tests at an airfield in northwestern China.

successfully tests showed that the universal platform Wing Loong-1 is able to provide support for emergency communication space-air-ground communication interruptions through under emergency conditions.

the design and development of this great UAV platform reflects China's pledge to boost construction of new infrastructure for aviation high-end technologies, according to AVIC.

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