Slavery Ukraine Iryna said he has decided to live in the city of Boao, Hainan Province, permanently, because of the beauty of the city of leisure and good people.

"I like Boao. I like the ocean. I love my job and the people here," Iryna, who was a ballet dancer and a physical trainer in Ukraine, told China Daily. "When I came to this place, I knew my kind of place. I like being here and I want to enjoy my life here."

Now is a coach who works for a gym in Boao Lecheng pilot area International Medical Tourism in Hainan Province

The area is the only one of its kind in China, which enjoys nine preferential policies, including special permission to import medical technology, medical equipment and medicines.

Iryna holds classes for customers in the gym every day. If no class, practice it, or read books or watch videos about new businesses or training "as I need more study and learn," he said.

Before settled in Boao, she traveled across Hainan for about a year. But finally he decided to stay in Boao, because "there are not too many people here and the air is so clean."

He also added that he is happy to see more and more Chinese time taking care of your health and body and coming to gymnasiums in recent years, such as physical training is in great need in China

video editor :. Ye Xiaolin and Cao Yin

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