The agricultural scientist Cheng Xiangwen, 86, works in corn fields at a Nanfan base in Sanya, Hainan province. Li Xashi/Ma Zhenghui/For China Daily

Number of projects that rise rapidly in Sci-Tech City

A modern complex on a small island in the province of Hainan will become part of a platform Crucial for international exchanges in seed germplasm resources and also a thematic tourist destination.

The complex in Moon Island, a land splinter of 0.5 square kilometers near the city of Sanya Yazhou science and technology, will start officially operating at the end of this year.

Germoplasm refers to a collection of genetic resources for an organism. For plants, germplasm can be stored as a seed collection or, for trees, in a nursery.

The complex is the starting point of a global transit base for animal and plants germplasm resources.

This Free Port Reference Project of Hainan aims through exchanges and collaborative research. The director of the administration of the City of Science and Technology of Yazhou Bay, said that in line with the general framework for international rules on the protection of intellectual property in the seed industry, the base will strive to Increase the meeting, identification, evaluation and exchange of high quality germplasm resources.

The basis will also help pioneers to work in the Hainan Free Port exploring the conservation of germplasm resources, exchanges, offshore trade, research and collaborative scientific development, said GE .

In June 2020, a master plan for the construction of the Hainan Free Port was launched, with the aim of making the province of the island, which occupies an area of ​​35,400 km2, a port of Free influential trade worldwide with Chinese characteristics, allowing him to lead the way in the reform and opening of the nation in the new era.

The arrival of the first lot of corn germplasm resources in Brazil marked the tentative introduction of seeds for scientific research in the transit base.

Chen Hao, an official from Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, said the additional introduction of seed resources and genetic material for biological breeding research, including corn, soybeans, fish, fish And the shrimp, it is also being promoted.

The city of Sci-Tech is located in the southwest of Sanya, the most southern commercial port of China and an important port for the old maritime silk route.

projects launched by Nanfan Scientific and the reproduction base of research seeds has increased Pidly in the city of Sci-Tech, one of the 11-trade industrial parks of Free Trade port of Hainan launched in recent two years.

occupying more than 69 km2, the city of the Science Tecilla is designed to carry out two strategic national missions -nvomotan scientific and technological innovation to improve seed varieties, together with intellectual property rights independent to guarantee national food security and the development of deep water exploration technologies. These missions are based on plans written by the central government.


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