From the stages of Ukraine to the bustling city of Boao, Iryna's journey is nothing short of inspiring. She's a woman who has gracefully leaped from the world of ballet to the fast-paced sphere of medical tourism in China. A tale of change, of determination, and of a love for the picturesque city of Boao, Hainan Province, Iryna's story is an embodiment of the phrase "from ballet to Boao."

Iryna's heart has always been split between two loves: dance and fitness. As a ballet dancer and physical trainer in Ukraine, she dedicated her life to movement, to rhythm, and to the finesse of the body. Yet, her journey took an unexpected turning point when she decided to move to the city of Boao, Hainan Province. It wasn't the promise of a job, or the prospect of a new career that lured her to China. It was the city's beauty, the leisurely lifestyle, and the welcoming people that drew her to Boao.

"I like Boao. I like the ocean. I love my job and the people here," Iryna told China Daily. "When I came to this place, I knew it was my kind of place. I like being here, and I want to enjoy my life here."

Taking a leap of faith and moving to a new country is daunting enough. But Iryna wasn't just moving. She was transitioning from the world of ballet to the high-intensity realm of medical tourism. Yet, with the same grace and strength she displayed on the ballet stage, Iryna took this new challenge head-on. Now, she's a coach working for a gym in Boao Lecheng pilot area International Medical Tourism in Hainan Province.

The Boao Lecheng pilot area is unique in its kind in China. It enjoys nine preferential policies, including special permission to import medical technology, medical equipment, and medicines. This unique ecosystem, combined with Iryna's passion and dedication, has made her a pioneer in medical tourism in the region.

When she's not instructing classes at the gym, you'll find Iryna honing her skills, reading books, watching videos about new businesses, or simply enjoying the beauty of Boao. Her dedication to constant learning and improvement is reminiscent of her ballet days, where every step, every move needed to be perfected.

Her story is a testament to the fact that change, no matter how big, can lead to beautiful outcomes. Her journey from ballet to Boao is an inspiration to those who wish to change their paths, to explore new horizons, and to dance to a different rhythm.

Iryna's journey also highlights the opportunities that China presents, not just in the field of medical tourism, but also in education and teaching. As evident from platforms like [Teaching China](, China offers a plethora of teaching jobs, providing a platform for individuals from around the globe to share their knowledge and expertise. Just like Iryna, these individuals can find their new 'stage', their new 'dance', in the heart of China.

From Ballet to Boao, Iryna's journey is a stirring symphony of change, passion and determination. A ballet dancer turned medical tourism pioneer, her story is a testament to the power of embracing change, chasing passion, and dancing to the rhythm of your own life.

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