In the picturesque city of Boao, Hainan Province, China, there is an unexpected encore taking center stage. This is the riveting tale of a retired Ukrainian dancer, Iryna, whose life has taken a remarkable transformation at the Boao Medical Gym. It is a story as captivating as her graceful ballet performances, and as intriguing as her new-found love for the Chinese city.

Once a celebrated ballet dancer and physical trainer in Ukraine, Iryna now finds herself in the heart of China. Drawn to the city's beauty, the tranquility of the ocean, and the warmth of its people, she has decided to make Boao her permanent residence. "I like Boao. I like the ocean. I love my job and the people here," she revealed to China Daily. "When I came to this place, I knew it was my kind of place. I like being here and I want to enjoy my life here."

Today, Iryna is no longer pirouetting on stage, but instead, she is coaching at a gym in the Boao Lecheng pilot area International Medical Tourism in Hainan Province. This area is the only one of its kind in China, enjoying a whopping nine preferential policies, including special permission to import medical technology, medical equipment, and medicines.

The shift from ballet dancer to gym coach may seem like a leap of faith, but for Iryna, it is a dance she has mastered. She holds classes for customers at the gym every day, her training techniques as fluid as her ballet movements, her dedication as evident as the ballet shoes she once wore.

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The transition from Ukraine to China was not just a geographical shift for Iryna, but a cultural immersion. She has not only embraced the Chinese way of life but has also made remarkable strides in her professional life. The retired dancer is now a beloved coach, her ballet background lending a unique twist to her current vocation.

Iryna's story is a testament to the fact that life often has an unexpected encore waiting in the wings. It is a tale of transition, transformation, and triumph. From the ballet stages of Ukraine to the gyms of China's Boao, Iryna's dance continues, her spirit as agile as her ballet moves, her story as captivating as her performances. One thing is certain - this is one encore that was worth the wait.

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