The soldiers open fire aboard the guided missile destroyer Haikou during an international maritime exercise. [Photo by Shao Longfei / IN CHINA DAILY]

The Central Military Commission, the highest military authority in China, has recently published a document tougher rules governing military connections have non-military and civilian organizations.

The document has been drawn up and published by the Labor Department Policy Commission, Department of Logistics Support Control and Disciplinary Commission. Its goal is to close the gaps related to the interaction between military and civilian entities

It includes 13 types of prohibited activities, such as receiving money or securities of organizations or individuals nonmilitary during visits to military units .; asking non-military organizations or individuals to provide money or goods; illegally giving gifts or souvenirs to non-military organizations or individuals; offering lodging, car or staff to non-military organizations or individuals; and the use of military resources to attract investment or ads.

These activities have been common among some military units, leading to corruption and the risk of misconduct, according to observers.

A campaign against -corruption sweep over recent years has dropped more than 100 high-ranking officers in the rank of major general or higher, including Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, both former vice presidents of the Central Military Commission .

Chinese army also all business activities before 2019 stopped to eradicate the risk of corruption and concentrate all their attention on combat training.

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