Haikou, January 31 (Xinhua) - Two new high-seas-free shops were opened on Sunday at Haikou, capital of the island of South China, Hainan Province, Raising the number of duties. Free stores in the province to nine.

The nine stores, direct by five entities, bring a pattern of differentiated competition to the tax-free market, which will be a great boost to the Hainan building in an international destination of Tourism and Consumption.

The Global Premium Duty Free Plaza, directed by a local company, is located on a large purchase. Center in the center of Haikou. The products for sale include electronic products, perfumes, cosmetics, sunglasses and imported wine, among others.

The square launched its first phase on Sunday, with its second and third. Phases owed at the end of June and September of this year, respectively.

The Tax Free Shop, headed by a company based in Southern City of Shenzhen. Almost 500 international brands in a commercial area of ​​20,000 square meters.

Yang Jun, Vice General Manager of Hainan Development Holdings Co., Ltd., which runs the Global Premium La Plaza Free Duty, said tax-free shopping in The coast of Hainan has entered a new era of development with a growing number of stores.

"We will join other store operators to expand the high-seas-free market, attract more Chinese to spend in Hainan instead of in markets Abroad, and promote the consumption update in the Hainan Free Trade Port, "Yang said.

Between the nine duty-free stores, three opened in the city of Sanya's tropical resort on December 30, 2020, one at Sanya Phoenix International Airport And the other two in the center of Sanya, adding to the previous one in Haitang Bay.

For Zhu Mengxia, the two newly opened stores in downtown Sanya are better located and more convenient. "Now we have more options and better opportunities to look for offers," he said.

Wang Jiansheng, president of the Hainan Tourism Development Research Association, said: "Contest promotes tax-free companies to enrich products and improve services . Its competitive advantages will help build hainan to a globally influential tourist and consumption destination, and will attract more to your home more in Chinese consumers' home. "

China's free tax group (CDF), which used to dominate the Hainan Duty Free Shopping Market, has taken steps to face competition.

Gao Xujiang, Executive Director of Sanya Downtown Duty Free Store Co., Ltd., affiliated with the CDF, said the company is expanding and improving its free store Taxes to create a more spacious business area and offer better services.

GAO said it has also taken a lot of measures to better serve consumers, including the growing staff to handle complaints and after-sales services, and improvement of The efficiency of the delivery.

Liu Feng, Director of the Research Center for Free Trade Port with Chinese Hainan Characteristics Normal University, said that the CDF has obvious advantages in the supply chain, Marketing and operations due to having participated in the market-free market in Hainan for many years.

"Even if a competition pattern has been formed, the dominant position of the CDF in the Hainan-tax-free market will not change in the short term," he said Liu

As of July 1, 2020, Hainan has increased its annual purchase share of 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan per person. The categories of tax refreshing have been expanded from 38 to 45, with electronic products such as Mobil


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