Haikou, April 7 (Xinhua) - After signing an agreement with the organizers through a video video, the Italian luxury brand ERTO became one of the brands Most recent internationals to participate in the First China Exhibition of international consumption products.

Francesco Freschi, General Manager of Etro, said that the world is surprised by the strong resilience and vitality of China's economy, and are waiting for relationship development and Cooperating with the participants at the Expo.

As China's first national exhibition focused on high-end consumer products, the four-day Expo will begin on May 7. In Haikou, capital of the South Island of China Island, Hainan Province.

The Expo has attracted the participation of 630 international companies from 69 countries and regions, which shows the great enthusiasm of global investors to embrace the Chinese market.

More than 1,100 international brands, including L'Oreal de France, Shiseido de Japan and Tesla from the United States, have confirmed their participation.

covering 80,000 square meters, including 60,000 square meters of an international exhibition with fashion, jewelry, food and supplements, and hospitality services and services, it is expected that The exhibition is the largest boutique exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Companies and brands financed abroad represent the majority of the participants, which once again demonstrate China's resolution to open even more, and also shows that Foreign companies are optimistic about the Chinese market and full of confidence in China's economic development, "said Wang Bingnan, Vice Minister of Commerce of China. Wang said the expo will meet the high-quality products of the consumers of the house and abroad, as well as the global buyer s and sellers, becoming On a bridge for international and domestic markets.

International leading brands focus on the Chinese market and the opportunities presented by Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP), which is an ideal place for its development International, said Han Shengjian, director of the Provincial Office of International Economic Development of Hainan.

After 2025, all year the island could be tax free, and Hainán will become a paradise for the tourism and tax retail industry, said Han, adding that "these international brands are preparing for their future opportunities in Hainan FTP."

The Expo is an ideal platform for high-end global brands to enter Hainan and the entire Chinese market, learn about Hainan FTP preferential policies and connect with Chinese buyers said Yann Bozec, president of Tapestry Asia Pacific, who will be Parti Cipate at the Expo with the latest coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weiztman Products.

Shen Danyang, Vice Governor of Hainan, said Hainan is reflecting on a Boutique Center of the Global Project consumer, providing a perennial visualization and commerce platform for consumer products domestic and foreign. Enditem follow by China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/902" target="_BLANK">conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews


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