Haikou, November 30 (Xinhua) - In an office in Haikou, capital of the island of South China, the province of Hainan, Hu Meijiao, is located before a screen That teaches his students in Kenya how to maintain fresh tropical fruit.

Hu is a research partner with the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (Tastings), and she is participating in a cloud training program, which extends From November 10 to 30, instructing Kenyans about cultivation and processing technologies for tropical fruits.

Tropical agricultural cooperation has always been an important element of China-Africa's cooperation. Tastings is a reference center for the research and training of tropical agriculture and the training of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and plays an important role in talent training in tropical agricultural technology for the African countries.

Since 2004 to the Covid-19 outbreak, tastings held 45 offline seminars for African apprentices in China, with approximately 3,000 participating. After the pandemic hit, Chinese tropical agricultural experts opted after moving online training to ensure that the programs were not interrupted.

Speated tropical agricultural experts almost one year were prepared for the preparation of almost a year. The online seminars. To help African participants, better understand operating procedures, shot videos in mango and pineapple fields, as well as factories.

Online seminars have benefited many African apprentices. The first seminar on cassava this year received more than 200 enrollment forms.

Hu said that many African countries are developing their production of tropical agriculture and are in urgent need of farm. Produceness technologies for preservation and processing. The purpose of providing online training is to share Chinese technologies and help African nations improve economic benefits.

"Through the online seminar, African apprentices can have a 'Cloud Visit' to the fields, watch videos of technology and interact with Chinese experts through From the online chat, "Hu said, adding that the assistance rate for each class is greater than 90 percent.

"I'm very pleased to have the opportunity to be a student at the online seminar," said Saada Michaelo, a 51-year-old Kenya apprentice who lives in Mombasa. "The teachers have been incredible, providing the kind of knowledge that is very valuable, and we hope to implement it on our small farms and other places in our country."

You, Deputy Director of the International Catas Cooperation Department, said cloud training has some advantages over the traditional method offline.

A traditional seminar can only accommodate 20 to 30 apprentices at most, while up to 300 can participate in a cloud training session. In addition, students do not need to go through complicated procedures and travel long distances to study in China. Online training does not present any restrictions in terms of age or physical condition, you said.

"We have celebrated five seminars for African countries this year and students include officials, technicians and farmers," she said. "Students can teach what they have learned to other people in their country and help more farmers become rich."

"We hope that the epidemic will end soon, because then we can have face-to-face interactions with Chinese experts," said Saada. EndItem

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