Haikou, December 2 (Xinhua) - The expansion project of Haikou Meilan International Airport, on South China Hainán Turístic Island, went to Thursday's operation, offering A massive increase in the construction of Hainan's free trade port (FTP).

The project consists of a new terminal, a track of 3,600 meters long and land transport facilities. The new track can handle the Airbus A380, so far the largest passenger plane in the world.

covering 300,000 square meters, the new terminal 2 is the size of 42 standard football fields and about double the size of the terminal 1. It has 110 counters Billing and a considerable number of tax-free workshops covering almost 10,000 square meters.

A total of 41 self-service log devices and ten self-service luggage control devices will also make check-in more efficient and intelligent for passengers.

IT has a tropical island theme and traditional local cultural elements, such as arcade houses and local ethnic brocade, promising a unique travel experience.

Zhao Ziyu, a passenger from Shenzhen, said the newly built airport was spacious and bright, with a feeling of science and technology in the design.

"There is a lot of green plants in the terminal, just like a garden, which offers tourists a good experience," Zhao said, adding that It is convenient to buy with its many tax-free stores.

For a province of an island, air transport is the most efficient way to link hainan with the world. With the deepening of the construction of Hainan FTP and the rapid growth of the demand for civil aviation, the ability of the passenger and load performance of Meilan Airport has been saturated. The expansion project carries out the mission of updating Hainan civil aviation.

With the expansion, the airport can now manage an Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/982" target="_BLANK">annual passenger performance of 35 million and a load performance of 400,000 tons in 2025. It would help connect Hainan with The world and would help it become an aviation center against the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Feng Fei, Governor of Hainan Province, said that this project, an important reference project for FTP construction, will boost the rapid development of the Hainan airport industry.

"It will also help Hainan play more to play. The integral role in the" duel circulation ", creates more favorable conditions for Hainan to serve and integrate into the New development pattern, and promotes the high quality development of the province, "Feng said.

On June 1 last year, Chinese authorities published a master plan for Hainan F Port of Ree Trade. Its objective is to build the province of the South Island at a free high-level influential trade port globally in the middle of the century. Enditem follows China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download the Chicanews application

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