haikou, March 12 (Xinhua) - When Tao Fengjiao was hit by lightning while planted trees in Hainan province of South China, it emerged in a large part unharmed, with Only one black smoke feather. From his hat.

The fellow planters of him, all the women, were terrified and thought that Tao had been killed, until he slowly becomes at his feet.

"All of them said that the miracle witnessed the old saying that 'A good turn deserves another'. It must have been a blessing in exchange for my years of efforts Tree planting, "he said.

Tao, 63, Qizi Bay grains, Changjiang Li County Autonomous. The bay, located on the tropical island of Hainan, was once a desert with almost no living plant, but now it is covered with exuberant green vegetation thanks to Tao and the sisters of him. Rural women, nicked the "green detachment of women" by premises, have been planting coastal protection forests around the bay for more than three decades.

Tao still remembers the sad bay condition in the 1990s.

"No Trees or pastures would grow on Earth, "he said, adding that every time a typhoon hit, the sky would be heaven. Full of dust and sand, and several local fishermen died due to loss of visibility.

The local government had launched a forestation project, hoping to increase the coverage of vegetation of the area. In 1992, a businessman took over the project on the arid land and paid local 7 yuan (around 1 US dollar) per day per person to plant trees.

In Changjiang, most local men earned their lives through fishing. Therefore, it was mainly women who joined the tree planting business, waiting for a little extra money to help their husbands relieve financial burden.

However, none of them was able to cultivate trees in the vast desert, with its high temperatures throughout the year.

Some German experts were responsible for guiding the project, but they shook the heads of sympathy. Saying that local geographical conditions made the mission impossible. As the efforts seemed useless, the entrepreneur abandoned the project.

The local government sent several local forest experts to continue studying the breeding of seeds in the bay and began to provide subsidies for the "green detachment of women" for plant trees.

Guided by these local experts, the female tree plantation team persevered with its work, focusing on two species. One was a plant nicknamed "wild pineapples", which usually grows between 4 and 14 meters high, while the other was the Casuarina tree, a perennial sheet that measures between 6 and 35 meters high. It was expected that these two will help anchor the always changing sand.

However, the project was really a very hard job for women. To protect trees from trees from being dragged by the strong wind, they had to soak up in fresh water first, which increases its weight.

at that time. Changjiang had no paved roads, nor any suitable vehicle that could bring the trees. Tao had to load about 60 kg of seedlings on her shoulders and walk at bare feet through the scorching sand.

"When we run out of fresh water, we drank from cow toughs. The warm climate in the desert often turned our food bad, but we persevere. We could plant up to 400 Trees a day at that time, "Tao said.

Some people could not withstand difficult conditions and left. But due to the persistence of Tao, the team grew more than 60 people at its peak.

The decades of hard work paid from it. To date, the

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