Changsha, May 5 (Xinhua) -During the five-day holidays recently completed, many places in China introduced preferential policies to boost vacation consumption while carrying out strictly the prevention of the epidemic and the prevention of the epidemic control measures.

Epidemic resurgences in Multiple cities since March have especially weighted the growth of consumption in China. On April 25, China presented guidelines to take advantage of the country's consumption potential, with detailed measures to address short -term bottlenecks and increase the vitality of long -term consumption.

China Sierra A total of 160 million national tourist trips and 64.68 billion yuan (around 9.77 billion US dollars) in tourism revenue during holidays during vacations That they lasted from April 30 to May 4 of this year, said the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Wednesday.


local trips encourage scenic areas have offered discount or free tickets to attract local tourists.

In the province of Hunan of downtown China, many scenic places have launched preferential policies for the premises during the holidays. For example, the scenic area of ​​Wulingyuan and the Tianmen mountain in Zhangjiajie offered free tickets for residents of the province.

As of May 2, more than 50,000 zhangjiajie visits had been made during the holidays, and the B&B reserves also increased 43 times with respect to the previous week .

In haikou, capital of the province of Hainan of southern China, six new two -story buses began offering visits to the city, which were among the last ones City offers for tourists.

"Haikou has recently packaged its tourist products to encourage people in the city and the province to travel in haikou and stimulate the vacation consumption potential," he said Wang Ke, director of the Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Office of the city. tourists and generated 309 million yuan in tourism revenue during five -day holidays.

The camp was also a popular option among tourists. According to Dianping, Yelp's Chinese version, camping searches increased 151 percent from the previous month and almost three times since last year.

"The XI'an station of the 'Wild Luxury Camp of Hiking' was completely reserved more than 20 days in advance. The stations under the brand also reached His maximum reception capacity, "said Wang Chunwang, who directs a camp business in Xi'an.

coupons stimulate consumption

with the implementation of precise antiepidemic measures, the general situation of Covid in most of China's parts has stabilized, increasing economic recovery in the main purchasing districts during the holidays.

In Hunan, tourists queued to enter gourmet stores and took photos in Taiping Street, one of the most popular of Changsha sites.

"I did a free nucleic acid test when I left the plane. Here, scan a QR code to enter public places, and stores provide disinfectant for hands. Policies make people feel calm, "said a visitor Zhang surname.

Zhang said the discounts offered by stores were attractive, and bought many memories.

According to the Hunan Commerce, the sales revenue of its 298 main retail companies and 72 important catering companies reached 2.02 billion yuan, 0.6 percent more than anus. >

to stimulate consumer enthusiasm, Hainan, Hunan, Shaanxi and many or many or

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