BEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) - Following news of China to be covered or pursued by Xinhua on Friday presented:

Wire Service:

- Xinhua Headlines: Hainan joint free trade port reference

- Comment: China's preaching and the United States decoupling absurd, useless

- Chinese mainland reports 15 new imported COVID-19 cases

- Observatory economic: Record usage reflects electricity momentum of economic recovery in China

- China makes progress in the fight against pollution of the air: ministry < / p>

- China sees growing business scale fund custody

- I discovered and Chinese, "Grandpa Amu" brings back the traditional carpentry in vogue

- China Focus: China Industry film approaches full recovery < / p>

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Image of Marine forecast for major Chinese resort islands  July 4
Marine forecast for major Chinese resort islands July 4

Beijing July 3 (Xinhua) - Marine Forecast environment for the main tourist islands of China (July 3-4, temperature in degrees Celsius): surface of

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