HAIKOU -. A tropical depression strengthened to a hurricane on Tuesday morning over the sea to the east of the Philippines and about the Sea of ​​southern China, according to the weather service in the province in southern China's Hainan

Saudel, typhoon 17 to the affect China this year, is expected to hit the Sea of ​​south China on Wednesday, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the island province of Hainan Friday to sunday.

The provincial meteorological department has called on ships offshore to return to port immediately and warned of possible disasters, including possible flooding in medium and small rivers, urban floods and geological disasters in mountainous areas .

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Image of Martian satellite begins remote-sensing surveys
Martian satellite begins remote-sensing surveys

This file without date shows an illustration of Tianwen 1 robotic probe that enters the Martian orbit. [Photo provided to China Daily] China's first

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