Haikou - HoiTbred seed varieties represent 95 percent of China's household seed market, said Chinese academic.

hu peisong, academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and General Director of China National Rice Research The Institute, made the comments in a forum of the seed industry in Hainan province of South China , on Friday.

Currently, China has built three bases of seed breeding at the state level in the provinces of Hainan, Gansu and Sichuan.

The Innovation potential of the Chinese seed industry has improved significantly and the country has established a system of protection and use for crop germplasm resources, according to Li Xinhai, head of the Biotechnology Research Institute Under the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Sichuan  Innovation 

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Image of Economic Watch: Online shopping spree mirrors consumption recovery
Economic Watch: Online shopping spree mirrors consumption recovery

Beijing, June 21 (Xinhua)-as the June 18 purchasing festival has come to an end, Chinese consumers have triggered a boom in consumption of half year.

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